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i want to become a professional artist?what subject i want to take please guide my question

i am from ghs jb nagar bengaluru professional

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1 answer

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Ritiesh’s Answer

Hi Harisha,

here are few things you need to do to be a successful artist -
Step 1. Commitment to your craft
Whether you are becoming a part-time professional artist or a full-time professional artist, you will need to commit to a large amount of time and effort to be successful at selling your art. Like any job, you will need to commit energy. As you are just beginning your journey as a professional artist, you will spend a fair amount of this energy setting the foundation to support your art. Here are some areas you will need to think about:

Finding studio space – It’s important to separate your creative space and work space so that you are not distracted. If possible, finding space outside your house to establish a professional studio is recommended.
Scheduling – You will need to make time to creating and marketing your art. Carve out time in your day that is strictly dedicated to creating, marketing and selling.
Investment – If you are going to commit to your craft, then DO IT!Invest in your tools and yourself.

Step 2. Setup the Business
Becoming a professional artist is like owning your own business. To be successful, you need to think of it as such.

Step 3. Market Research
This is one of the most important parts of being a successful professional artist. Knowing your target market, which is essentially your fan/collector base, will allow you to cater your marketing efforts and give you the ability to market more efficiently.

Step 4. Create Marketing Materials
Now that you decided to become a professional artist, you need to be able to market yourself to the public. You need to be able to own your identity and promote it to the world.

Step 5. Design Website
In a digital world, websites serve as a storefront for businesses. Because you are a business, you need to create a website to serve as your headquarters for your art. When galleries or potential buyers are researching you online, your website should be the place where they are able to find all the information they need to make a decision

Step 6. Setup your Social Media Platforms
Your social media needs to be upfront and top-of-mind. These platforms allow artist to share their work with a built in audience. They are already there for the picking so share you work. Your social media platforms needs to be consistent in quality.

Step 7. Organize and plan a schedule
Organizing and scheduling are two of the most important concerns to take care of as a professional artist. Financials, marketing, studio rent, contracts, timely responses to customers and galleries, and other tasks must be scheduled and organized for you to be successful. When organizing and scheduling your daily routines, you will find yourself becoming more productive.