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As a major in Microbiology, are there any specialized jobs I can apply for while in college that do not require a degree #GivingisCaring

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3 answers

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Angela’s Answer

You can definitely apply for a job as a lab assistant. One way to do this is to go to your schools website and see if they have a list of faculty with openings in their labs. You may need to look for specific research programs at your school to find this. Look through the list and if you see a professor doing research on something that interests you. send them an email to tell them you're interested in what they're doing and want to work in their lab. They may not respond to you at all, but keep trying (you can even just copy paste the same email to different professors) and you'll get an opportunity eventually.

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Laurie C.’s Answer

You might consider checking with a local water department. They do microbial sampling in the treatment plant and sometimes at the request of consumers at their residences.
You may also check with your local department of natural resources to see if they have might have any opportunities involving testing of streams, lakes, rivers, etc
Environmental sampling and/or air quality sampling may be a stepping stone to acquire useful skills while pursing your degree.
Hope this helps.

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Yamile’s Answer

Try quality control jobs within a lab also search for lab assistant jobs at the universities near you these are jobs that usually will take you even though you are still working on your bachelors and give you some lab experience which will look good on your resume