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For entry level Data Analytics job what kind of project should add in portfolio. #GivingisCaring

I did master in Information Technology and I want to do work in data analytics.#givingiscaring

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3 answers

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Sundar Rajan’s Answer

Good to know that you have a Masters in Information Technology.

For an entry level in analytics, see if you have added skills in Python/R/Scala programming, Visualization skills (there are lot of python and R packages for these), exploratory data analytics, Inferential statistics application opportunities. This is an area where the more you play with and demonstrate, the better your chances are. Try Kaggle, DataScienceCentral and machinelearning sites, download public datasets and play with them to see how much theory that learnt meets practice. Speaking for challenges in data cleaning, preparation, exploration will convince potential employers that you have picked up what it needs to help at different roles they may fit you in. It may be at data ingestion, data transformation, data munging/cleaning/preparation, data exploratory analytics and subsequently machine learning and more.

Once you have projects that gets hands dirty on the above, you may have positioned yourself to apply yourself for use cases that cover some regression, classification and more. You are on a journey. Good luck and enjoy swimming in a data world!

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Absolutely agree with Sundar & Peter. If you want to enter into Data analytics, you should have skills in Python/R/Scala programming plus knowledge of data visualization tools like Power BI or tableau. I would like to add one more point that having strong intent to work data and get insights from data is key.

Best of luck!!

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Peter’s Answer

Couldn't agree more with Sundar, (good to see another V-teamer here btw).

Sameea, I often find it's easiest to build technical skills if you select a project you're genuinely interested in, and commit to sharing the outcome; I'd recommend picking a few topics for which data can be gathered and about which you have questions or theories, and focusing your efforts on skill-building in service of developing an answer to those questions.

Consider publishing that info on a personal site, or sharing it on your linkedin.