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what can I do to become a diesel mechanic

I'm 16 years old and want to become a diesel mechanic , I love the idea of fixing or even upgrading and tuning a vehicle for someone and lots others, I want to learn and grow but i'm not sure were to start or who to look for but I am willing to go and learn skills I will need to learn to be better #mechanic

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2 answers

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Christian’s Answer

You can either go to a trade school like wyotech which is where I went and highly recommend it for diesel. UTI is also good. Or you can start as a lube tech in a diesel shop. Penske and Ryder are good starting points. They pay good and they pay a lot for training.

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Cameron’s Answer

One of the best places to start is at a tech school. This can be a smaller tech school or you can get your diesel certifications through Weber State University. That is where I attend school currently, and it is fantastic for anything related to Automotive. Throughout the state there are multiple diesel performance shops that you could apply for, I am willing to bet that lots of them would like help and be willing to help you learn the trade.

Another really good thing to get is your ASE certifications, some people in the automotive business will say that it really doesn't matter that you get them, but you will get better pay if you have them and shops are going to be more willing to hire you since they know that they can trust your work due to you being properly certified.

Cameron recommends the following next steps:

Contact some schools and ask about their programs
Look into getting your ASE certifications