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How many tubes of blood does a phlebotomist draw in a week?

I am a high school student researching health care careers. Thank you for your time. #high-school

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2 answers

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Sanober’s Answer

Hi Suzy!

Phlebotomists draw blood on a number of patients per shift depending on the acuity of the facility in which they are working. The number of tubes they draw depends on what is ordered by the physician for the patient. In short, the number of tubes depends on the number of patients the phlebotomist sees in a week.

Hope this helps :)


Thank you so much! This information will be really helpful in my project! Suzy C.

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Elizabeth’s Answer

The number of tubes one draws in a week varies. It depends on which type of tests the Dr. orders. There will be a guide to let you know which types of tubes to use when drawing the blood on the patient.