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schools/colleges for a "future" broadcaster/performing arts

I have been researching schools for becoming a broadcaster (preferably Canadian), and I have come across one called Fanshawe College. It seems like a good college, but I also want to keep my options open!
If you could kindly suggest some schools, thank you!
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Zahanine’s Answer

Although McGill doesn't offer courses specifically designed to prepare students to work in the radio, television, film or telecommunications, it does have a very good Communication Studies program that you may want to look into. Post pandemic, try and visit the campus, it's a beautiful one and both the students and administration are very friendly and helpful. Also, keep your options open as there are several ways to get a great education in journalism or communications that will lead to broadcasting. If you're willing to look in the US, be sure and check out Pennsylvania State University, their Communication program is outstanding.

Stay safe and Good Luck!

Zahanine recommends the following next steps:

Check out McGill University
Check out Pennsylvania State University

Thank you for your school suggestion! I'll be sure to check out both of those ! Cynthia M.