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In which stream i should select in higher studies to become a Computer Engineer?

I want to become a Computer Engineer. But, I couldn't know to select my stream in higher studies. Please tell me which stream could i select? computer-engineer

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4 answers

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Dave’s Answer

If I understand the question, you'd like to know which field of computer engineering to get your degree in?

There are two families, hardware engineer and software engineer.

The Cloud is all about software engineering. It would be the quickest to get up and running in, especially if you've learned languages like Java, C and Python. Plus they are all really similar in the way they are written.

The Cloud however, does run on hardware. The other plus for hardware is every device in the world now has a computer in it. Your phone, watch, thermostat. The downside of hardware design is you need to know some software design as well as usually you will be either implementing code in the hardware itself or running code in processors on the hardware.

They are both fun and interesting. Let me know if I misunderstood your question and I'll follow up.
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Wael’s Answer

I think you need to go into the computer science group though high school. Afterwards, you are going to have a lot of options. You could join computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, or information systems bachelor programs. these programs are very similar and different in the same time. Research them and pick what fits you best.

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Gururaj’s Answer

If you have passed 10+2 and looking for computer science related courses then there are couple of options you have. Today computer science is one of the key engineering branch but there are "Information science and Information technology" related courses offered by many engineering colleges. If you have already passed in computer science engineering and wanted to do higher studies then also you have different options. You need to see whether you are specifically targeting outside of India then you could go thru GRE and then apply for Masters in computer science. If you are looking for Indian institutions then you could apply for GATE and then get into master in computer course from reputed regional engineer colleges like (Roorke, Suratkal ) or few of the IIT colleges. There are specialization in computer science, you can look for any of these courses based on your interests such as AI/ML, Cloud computing, Computer architecture, Computer programing, Operational research, Data science related courses. These are current trends in computer science engineering.
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Ahana’s Answer

There are two aspects to it:-

1.If you are 12th passed out then you should go an entrance exams for All India/ State based Engineering entrance examinations where you will get the questions based on the aptitude tests which will contain quantitative, verbal and analytical questions
and the core Science Subject (PCM) the above exams you need to appear for India Based reputed Institutions for BE/B.Tech in CSE where as you can go for in Computer Science as well where as for abroad you need to give GRE/IELTS and the various institute
based examinations on their ask and get into.
2.If you are Graduate already and hold a bachelors degree in the respective stream and want to go for specialization in India for the master or integrated ph.d with masters then you need to give examinations like GATE/NET for respective courses(M.Tech/MS) and various universities provide various entrance examinations as well where as if you want to go abroad you need to give GRE/IELTS and thus universities will ask from you certain score and the SOP and various other documents and then you apply for the MS or Integrated courses and always look for your proper interest which may include AI/ML, Cloud computing, Computer architecture, Computer programing, Operational research, Data science, Database, Deep Learning and various others and above ones are trendy.