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Would business be a good thing to Major in collage ?

I feel as though majoring in Business would be a good thing for myself in collage but how do you find jobs in this field afterwards. #wondering

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2 answers

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Jimmy’s Answer

It depends on what you’re interested in! My best advice is major in something you will like, and you’ll learn about jobs in those fields. At 4 year colleges, there will be career centers to help you learn about what jobs are available to people in your major and help you learn how to apply for them. There are lots of things you can do with a business degree, so if you’re interested in it, that could be a good option!

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jennifer’s Answer

I'm taking business courses right now. I am obtaining my bachelors in business administration. My suggestion is to take the basic core classes you need for most colleges such as the English, math and sciences. Then as you go along, you might find classes that you enjoyed and you can build from there. I found that I do not like the law side of business, but I enjoy the economics. My favorite part is customer service. What I am doing now is for my electives, I am taking more customer service classes so I am strong in those areas. You can always switch majors. It happens every day.