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What are some different study methods?

I've heard that everyone learns differently, but as for absorbing new information, what are some different ways to go about it? #wondering #learningmethods

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3 answers

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Chandan’s Answer

I had a lot of issues with concentration and this suggestion is specially for such people. At first practice to sit in one place for atleast 30 min to 1 hr. In the beginning you can do whatever you want (except looking into mobile device) like reading your favourite book, etc. Slowly once you are able to sit at one place for 1 hr, you can start learning your courses. Start writing as you read them till you are involved. This will also help you maintained quick notes for your future ref. From there slightly improve.

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Rebecca’s Answer

I would use different methods for different subject / knowledge.

For subjects that requiring more memorization, e.g. History, etc. I would try to memorize it and put down the key points on a paper. Repeats this a few times.

For subjects that requiring more analysis / understanding the logic behind, e.g. Maths, etc. , I would thoroughly go through and understand the logic. Then, I would practice it using different question or scenarios.

Hope this helps!

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Benjamin’s Answer

One method that worked for me is writing down exactly what I want to learn multiple times. Usually 3-5 times. After that, recite it from memory the best I can a few times and then take a break and come back to it to see how much of it I can retain. Taking breaks is important because if you are forcing yourself to read and study, you won't be as engaged. So try studying for 30-45 minute while taking 5-10 minute breaks when you feel like you are overwhelmed.

Benjamin recommends the following next steps:

Start by finding how you learn.