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Hannah Aug 21, 2018 1059 views

What is the interest rate for federal loans?

Is there an interest rate for federal loans and is it applied immediately or only after a certain amount of time after student status has ended? #college #student #loans

Roseanna’s Avatar
Roseanna Aug 24, 2018 669 views

How can a shy person make new friends?

I would like to make new friends but I am a very shy person. #friends

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Aug 25, 2018 474 views

How do i know if a scholarship is REAL?

I keep seeing bogus scholarships

I only want to apply once and kept in its progess

Why are the posted expiration dates changing


Jose’s Avatar
Jose Aug 24, 2018 547 views

What degree is best for a career in criminal justice?


Angel’s Avatar
Angel Aug 25, 2018 596 views

What are some different study methods?

I've heard that everyone learns differently, but as for absorbing new information, what are some different ways to go about it? #wondering #learningmethods

clarissa’s Avatar
clarissa Aug 26, 2018 572 views

Is becoming a registered nurse a good job?

Is studying to become a registered nurse worth the years of studying and the money? Will I be able to find a job in the field? #job #money

Nerissa’s Avatar
Nerissa Aug 27, 2018 591 views

When is it best to apply for scholarships ?

Is it too late when your housing doesn't go through

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Aug 28, 2018 521 views

Are the no-essay scholarships even worth applying for?


Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Aug 29, 2018 536 views

How long after being accepted to a college do I have to confirm or decline my attendance?

I would like to know when I have to make my choice about which college I will attend. #decisions

Darin’s Avatar
Darin Aug 06, 2018 936 views

How competitive is it to get an on-campus job or employment opportunity?

What percentage of students apply for these jobs?
How many of those applicants get accepted?
How many jobs are offered on an average college campus?
What are the typical qualifications desired of applicants?

#campusjob #job #campus #money #competition

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Brody Apr 06, 2018 772 views

Whats a good summer job?

#work #summerjob

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Schyler Aug 27, 2018 701 views

What jobs will I be able to find if I pursue a degree in Psychology?

I want to major in psychology, but I am not sure of all the jobs this branch has to offer.
#psychologist #major #college #job

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Aug 24, 2018 723 views

What is the best process for applying to college

High school senior. Ready to apply for college. #experience #high-school