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Do you work on your weaknesses often even if you are already good at what you do?

In sports, there is always a weakness and you learn to work on those, so would there be weaknesses to keep working on. #weakness

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2 answers

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Frank’s Answer

I would look at this another way. You should always be learning and growing. That could be by improving areas that you have identified as weaknesses. However, more often this would be finding ways to get even better by improving your 'good' skills or learning new ones. You could ask your boss what things you could do or learn to get even better at your job. Depending on your job, there could be certifications available. Studying for and passing a certification would further increase your knowledge and skillset, as well as demonstrate to others that you want to keep getting better. Learning more about other jobs and other areas of your company will also help you become more well rounded for future opportunities. In summary, instead of focusing on weaknesses, flip this to a positive and look for ways to continuously learn and grow your skills.

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Bernardo’s Answer

Yes Devon, I personally try to work on my weaknesses to try to improve myself as a person and business professional. You never know if that if you will need that skill in the future so it is important to try to improve on your weaknesses so if you ever need it you are ready.