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Ashley Jan 06 324 views

How to introduce yourself in an interview?

How do I tell something about myself and How would I describe it? What makes me unique compared to other interviewee, my strengths and weakness. And others?

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Kamaria Dec 09, 2022 197 views

How do you keep yourself from losing motivation?

I've noticed that every time I go on break I lose motivation. Despite having a lot of time to get things done I still procrastinate. How can I stop this?

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Judit Nov 28, 2022 193 views

Is It Okay to Graduate College Late?

Hi, initially I wanted to get my Associates degree from a Community College then transfer as fast as possible. Lately, I have been dealing with a lot of things and considering to take it easy and maybe get my Associates a semester or year later. Yet, I feel quite scared of letting myself go...

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Nov 18, 2022 98 views

How has your opinion of career paths or higher education changed from when you were in high school to now in college or in your profession?

I'm in my final year of high school. College app season is here, stakes feel high with majors, minors, extra-curriculars, future jobs. Looking for a different perspective or some new insight! Much appreciated.

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Nayeli Nov 07, 2022 194 views

How do I get better at writing a resume to get a better job later on in the future?

Resume writing, templates, job applications and how to prepare for job interviews

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Ki Hyun Sep 09, 2022 167 views

decision-making for my first career job.

The first option is the company is a Quality Assurance test engineer in the IT of the car industry. The second option is the company using software for drawing 2D and 3D drawings of the boiler in the boiler and combustion company. Is QA good for a long-lasting career? On career review sites,...

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MrVibes Aug 24, 2022 341 views

How to cope with panic attacks what kind of skills do you use personally I like to meditate

How to cope with panic attacks what kind of skills do you use personally I like to meditate

Julianne’s Avatar
Julianne Jun 30, 2022 340 views

Business Internship

I am majoring in business at college but I was wondering how I could get an internship. What are the things I should do to find an internship and to prepare for the internship?

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Timaree Apr 25, 2022 261 views

What can I do to get internships at places for business

What can I try to look for or how do I find out what places have internships

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elizabeth Feb 14, 2022 273 views

What are some related fields I should consider looking into for? (office admin)

I am interested in office admin because I have worked a few office jobs. I feel it suited my work styles and values. I enjoy the independence that some of my jobs gave me and working in a small setting. I am interested in Hr or Audit but I open to another area if it fits. #officeadmin #hr...

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Andreas Jan 31, 2022 263 views

What is the most important thing I should do when setting my career goals?

#career #career-choice

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Crystal Jan 11, 2022 626 views

What are the best ways to learn leadership skills and promote educational learning?

How can I demonstrate financial management? #finance

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Tracey Nov 05, 2021 262 views

How would you describe college life? Is it very stressful? Memorable?

I'd like to know more about how college really is. I hear a lot of people saying that it's stressful and mentally draining, but also one of the most memorable moments of your life. I'd like to know more about how different college is from high school. #college

Zaliah’s Avatar
Zaliah Oct 25, 2021 373 views

How do you manage a good work-life balance?

How do you manage a good work-life balance with your profession? #time-management #business

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Michael Aug 01, 2021 686 views

How do I manage time more effectively?

I’m in two programs on my campus along with being a full time student. #college #time-management #student #college-advice