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Ivana 12 hours ago 20 views

How did you end up working as a forensic accountant (from what you studied in college to your current job :) ?

Hello, I'm a college freshman studying Business Admin and exploring the different business careers. What is your fav part and least fav part of your role? To what extent do you communicate with individual clients? Thank you!

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Ivana Jun 20 79 views

What are your likes and dislikes of being a financial advisor? What did you study in college?

Hi I am a high school senior, graduating this week. My School doesn't have finance as a major so I hope to get my MBA with finance concentration. Can I still become a financial advisor? What did you study in college? What experience did you need before getting your current position? What are...

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Ivana May 20 114 views

What do you do at the end of an internship?

Hi, I am a high school senior in a finance internship(since February) and I have about nine days left. I know to say thank you to everyone and ask my supervisors if they can connect me to anyone but is there anything else that I should do since my time here is ending?

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Ivana Mar 11 357 views

What jobs are there with a degree in accounting besides an accountant?

Hello, I am a senior in high school. After college I plan on becoming a public accountant but I will still like to learn about other options because just because you have a degree in accounting doesn't mean you have to be a public/private accountant, auditor, tax person, etc. I will either...

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Ivana Mar 11 322 views

What accounting jobs will become "extinct" within the next ten-ish years?

Hello, I am a senior in high school and I plan on majoring in Accounting but it is hard to keep up with careers that are going to be automated and those that are not. Which accounting jobs don't have a future? Thank you

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Ivana Feb 10 264 views

Which engineering is closest related to business?

Hi, I am a senior in high school and I'm wondering which engineering is closest to business. I like problem solving and calculus is a class that I enjoy- not love, but enjoy. I want to major in accounting and I know accounting and engineering are very different but I'm just trying to learn as...

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Ivana Jan 12 391 views

Does MBA in accounting help when you are also trying to get a CPA?

I will start college in September with a major in Accounting and possibly a minor in something. I want to get my CPA and I'm not sure if I should get my MBA in accounting too. Please share your journey of getting your CPA or CPA and MBA. Please include the degree level that you graduated...

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Ivana Jul 31, 2022 297 views

Hi, I would like to go to a certain school but it is expensive so I need a plan B. My aunt gave me the idea of starting at a CUNY or somewhere cheaper and then transferring to the other school my last two years. This is definitely a good option and I was wondering what you guys think of it? Is there anything that I should be aware of (besides transferring credits) in regards to transferring? Thanks

I'm going to be a high school senior and plan to do this because I'm not exactly sure what do study & don't want to spend 30k/year trying to figure it out...

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Ivana Jun 17, 2022 322 views

Hi, if I study information systems, can I get a CPA in accounting or do I have to do accounting by itself? Is there a huge advantage by choosing accounting and getting CPA over doing information systems for 4 years?

I am more interested in information systems than accounting (I think)

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Ivana Dec 30, 2021 323 views

What are the different types of jobs that involve working in front desk and answering people’s questions/ assisting them- like customer service, secretary, etc.

I see people in dentists and other places that sit in front and deal with the people that come in. What types of jobs are those? Thanks #human-resources

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Ivana Jun 17, 2021 355 views

When did you know that you truly wanted the career that you currently have?

Hi, I'm a high school student and I'm trying to think about some potential jobs and career that I want to have when I am older. I was wondering when you found out that you wanted to do the job that you have now. This includes certain experiences & more. Thank you #career #career-search #high...

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Ivana Jun 16, 2021 1258 views

What are the different jobs you can have at a bank?

Hi, I'm a high school student and I've been trying to think of what I want to be when I am older. I think I want to do something relating to finance and money but I'm not sure. I would like to know more about banking specifically. Thanks!
#banking #finance #student