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San Francisco, California
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I plan to become an aerospace engineer that works to improve our understanding and successes in outer space.



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Victoria Nov 18 48 views

How has your opinion of career paths or higher education changed from when you were in high school to now in college or in your profession?

I'm in my final year of high school. College app season is here, stakes feel high with majors, minors, extra-curriculars, future jobs. Looking for a different perspective or some new insight! Much appreciated.

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Victoria Oct 31 246 views

What does a typical day as an aerospace engineer at Boeing look like (or any other company)?

Curious to get some insight! Thank you!

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Victoria Oct 31 175 views

How does a person become a university professor?

I think I'd enjoy a teaching job in the future but with better pay than middle or high school teachers. If I am interested in becoming a professor, what is the process? What are the qualifications?

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Victoria Oct 27 231 views

What jobs do you predict will be obsolete in 10-20 years and what industry jobs do you foresee will be high in demand?

About to start college next year and need to decide my major. I'm leaning towards STEM but am a tad intimidated. Is it really any less work/ more challenging than humanities?

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Victoria Sep 27 72 views

What are important factors to consider before choosing a career and what are the benefits of minoring in a subject in college?

I'm looking for pursue aerospace engineering as my major in college but I am also very interested in anthropology and world history. I enjoy both math and history but enjoy history a little more. Even so, I am unsure of the jobs that it would provide.