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What are ways to make an impact in the work place

I think it is always good to have a good impact on #working

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4 answers

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Joe’s Answer

I have two "commandments" for the work place.

The first is to treat the company as though you are the owner. Imagine yourself in the shoes of the owner. How would you want your employees to behave and perform? Do you want them to be mean to others, come in late, goof off, miss deadlines? Or do you want them to treat their jobs and their coworkers with respect, meet and exceed their goals, and do so with a smile on their faces? Hopefully the latter!

The second is to treat others the way you want to be treated. That goes for coworkers, shareholders and especially customers. Put yourself in the shoes of a coworker or customer. How do you want your team members to treat you? How would you want your company to serve you if you were a customer? Hopefully a similar answer as above.

Be pleasant. Show initiative and ownership. Help others. Act with integrity and empathy. Understand what is expected of you and deliver on that. If you can do all of these, you should have a very positive impact on your workplace.

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Cody’s Answer

Hi Devon,

There are many different way to make a positive impact in the workplace. Personally, I think one of the best ways to make a positive impact is through your interactions with others. Always be a team player! In many careers, a big part of your job is interacting with other people. If you have a positive attitude and you are willing to help your coworkers, customers, etc. it can go a long way. Always think about how your actions will impact others. People tend to remember coworkers who help them out and this makes a huge impact.

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Kristy’s Answer

Hello Devon.

Great question and one we can all ask of ourselves. One responsibility I have in my job is employee engagement. In this role, I use innovative and creative ways to keep people engaged. For example, I use an instant messaging platform to connect with the entire team each morning. It's amazing how a simple statement of "good morning" can set the tone for someone's day. In a time, where a lot of people are working from home, its imperative we reach out and check in with others. Employee engagement is one of the many ways you can make an impact. And remember, it doesn't have to be anything elaborate, it can be simple and still be very impactful.

Good Luck!

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Christian’s Answer

Hello Devon,
Actual, in general it is good to make an impact at work.

The question in your case:
- What kind of impact do you want to make?
- Do you have any specific areas of interest?

By good and positive mindset and behaviour you are already making an impact to the business and customers. So it does not have to be something revolutinary.
Perhaps it might be helfpul for yourself to do some internships in order to see for yourself what kind of job area does interest you most, where you have your strengths. And where you have the most impact at work.