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What do you wish you knew (but didn’t) when you first contemplated what career?

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Faseeh’s Answer

I just wished someone could give me a proper guidance on what course to choose for the kind of strengths I had. There were people talking about engineering and medicine. No one spoke about law or advertising or journalism or NDA or IAS or IPS or other fun filled challenging courses. Everyone was stereotyped towards Engineering or Medicine. I had to play my strengths and find out what was best for me. I am surprised that even today students don't have a clue as to why they chose what they are doing.
We give into peer, parental and society pressure. Stop. Relax. Breath. Identify your strength, go for the one that you feel calls you. Do your research. Never regret that you had an opportunity to do something you wanted but were unable to because of someone.
You can have a person who has done engineering jobless sitting at home. But if that person was good at what he did - He would have been working with something that he enjoyed. You may have a MA LLB sitting at home, if that person knew what was the calling that person would be doing what he enjoyed doing.

Just remember. Life is what we live here. You need to enjoy that very life. Choose what your strengths are.

I wish the society had given me this confidence!!!

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