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dodtor jobs pay the most/have the best benefits?

for my future college doctor

<p>Check the link below.</p> <p></p> Wael Al-Rihawi This link will give you some info on the highest paid professions in the USA. Muhammad Saeed

Highest paying job is not necessarily the best job. There are many other factors to consider - expected hours each week, benefits, debt incurred going to school, time of day you have to work, the culture at potential places of employment... And, if you hate being a doctor, no amount of money in the world will make it worthwhile. I'd much rather have a lower paying job I enjoy than a higher paying job I hate. Fred Rosenberger

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1 answer

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Shalini’s Answer

First of all every job has both pros and cons. When it comes to medicine, you can't just simply put it into "All doctors earn alot" . No, not all doctors earn the most . Especially in India, plain MBBS/BDS that too not from a reputed institution will not fetch you much bucks.
Yes, specialist who have completed post graduation or have done super specialization do earn a lot generally!
Hope this helps !!