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Boshra Mar 22 33 views

Is it worth being a doctor, or is it good to be a doctor?

I want to be a doctor, But It sounds like a long time journey. so many people are telling me don't become a doctor because it takes so much time. but being a doctor is my dream. #CV23

Boshra’s Avatar
Boshra Mar 22 66 views

What things should I do as a junior be have a good transcript or university application?

I am a 10th student right now, but I will go to the 11th-grade school year, next year. However I want to plan my junior year, I think it's the most important year in high school.

Yonathan’s Avatar
Yonathan Mar 20 43 views

How much does a sport agent make per contact ?

I am a senior in high school and I am passionate about sports.

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Mar 20 30 views

what is the best process that will work to become a psychiatrist?

help needed

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney Mar 16 106 views

How do I tell a public speaker we dont need her to come to our school ?

I set up a meeting to have this person come. She's a really good public speaker and I just got word that we dont need her and also we cant pay her

Katlin’s Avatar
Katlin Mar 15 76 views

What steps need to be taken to open your own daycare?

I am interested in starting up my own preschool or daycare and I am not sure where to start to get that process going.

Luis’s Avatar
Luis Mar 09 145 views

How do I make millions in gaming?


(Note: This question was edited by a site admin for clarity and brevity)

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Mar 09 49 views

What does it take to be a pediatric surgeon? How long does it take to become one?

I want to know what I need to become a pediatric surgeon and how many years its gonna take me to become one

Renata’s Avatar
Renata Mar 09 59 views

what is a small business that could bring in money fast without losing profit?

for example, a coffee shop? a local restaurant in a small town?

kashif’s Avatar
kashif Mar 07 68 views

how do things work?

how do things work in a professional computer science workspace and in a college

Maya’s Avatar
Maya Mar 07 86 views

What should I be doing financially now so that way I can be successful in the future?

like how much money do I need to put into the side now then in the future how much more?

Aidyn’s Avatar
Aidyn Mar 06 71 views

How much investment does it take to be a successful day trader?

Can you start out small or do you need a large amount of money to even begin?

Elise’s Avatar
Elise Mar 05 62 views

How much does GPA actually factor into college selections if you plan to major in Hardware engineering?

I am currently a junior in the second semester of high school so I feel as if I it is too late to raise my gpa, I am currently in band and have officer positions in two clubs.

Ruby’s Avatar
Ruby Mar 06 41 views

What was the first step you took to begin your career?

Was starting your career stressfull? Were there bumps in the road? If so how did you overcome them?

chase’s Avatar
chase Mar 03 59 views

How much schooling, and what are helpful college classes to become a lawyer?

I want to have a good job when i grow up