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how to become a good aeronotical engineering

i like to become a aeronotical engineering #teaching

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2 answers

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Wael’s Answer

Check the link below.

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aditi’s Answer

Aerospace Engineering is a branch of engineering that aims at equipping students with relevant skills and knowledge to design and manufacture spacecrafts, aircrafts and other related systems. This technical job requires a high attention to detail and needs professionals with excellent numeracy and IT skills. To become an aerospace engineer, one needs to pursue a B.Tech as a first step and can head to a Master’s in a specialization.
As an aerospace engineer, you would work in the various fields including research, testing and production and maintenance. Skills that are necessary to make a career in aerospace engineering include analytical skills, great communication skills, IT, Numeracy, problem solving and many more. You will gain these skills during your B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering course.

Skills required-
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
Creative and ability to see alternative ways of things
Communication skills
Speed and accuracy
Strong mathematics and Mechanics
Technical Expertise
Concern about safety
Interested in aviation and science
Sense of Responsibility
Work under pressure to meet the deadlines