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Rachel Jun 21, 2020 4126 views

How do you choose whether to major in computer science or software engineering?

I am applying for college soon, but I do not know how to pick between computer science and software engineering. I have not always been the best at math, and didn't do very well in math early on in my highschool career, but I managed to work my math grade up over the years. I am not naturally...

Sunni’s Avatar
Sunni Nov 08, 2022 479 views

What can I do to learn or prepare for civil engineering?

Is there any classes or opportunities I can take to get some first hand experience?

Meghan’s Avatar
Meghan Nov 07, 2022 611 views

How long does it take to become a bio engineer ?

How many years of college?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Apr 19, 2021 2316 views

Whats the most valuable thing you learned in business school?


Meghan’s Avatar
Meghan Nov 08, 2022 2300 views

What high school classes should I take for biomedical engineering?

Im a senior in high school but want to see if ive taken classes that are on the right track.

Ramiro’s Avatar
Ramiro Nov 17, 2021 1147 views

Is it possible to become a full time software programmer at a tech company without a college degree?

#programming #computer-software #technology #software-engineering

Deepak’s Avatar
Deepak Feb 19, 2017 1338 views

How to be a career expert in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector ?

I want to be. #business-development #industrial-engineering #bpo #business-process #outsourcing

kanika’s Avatar
kanika May 06, 2016 1390 views

What are the difference between Biotechnology and Biomedical careers?

Can help me out with the Difference between Biomedical and Biotechnology. Job Opportunities and which is the Best among both. #engineering #medicine #engineer #teaching #professor #biology #educator #biotechnology

Arnab’s Avatar
Arnab Oct 31, 2022 513 views

How to become a successful tester ?

How to become a successful tester ?

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Nov 23, 2022 299 views

How much hard work did it take ?

How much things did you have to go thorugh to become a veterinarian?

afraz’s Avatar
afraz Apr 15, 2021 1998 views

what is the work of data scientist

#groups #scientist #scientists #forensic-scientists #data-science #actuary

Kayana’s Avatar
Kayana Jun 19, 2022 614 views

What are some possible careers for commerce with math students?

#careeroptions #commerce #business #college

Arun’s Avatar
Arun Jun 05, 2016 866 views

what is engineering in instrumentation ?

Hi,I am a grade 12th student,would like to pursue a career in engineering,few of my friends want to do instrumentation engineering.I would like to know what is all about? #engineering #instrumentation

Dhruv’s Avatar
Dhruv Oct 26, 2020 700 views

How do I become an astrophysicist?

I want to be an astrophysicist. Where should I study?


Paul’s Avatar
Paul Oct 24, 2021 513 views

What should I do to pursue a Phd in the United States ?

I completed my MBA here in India and work for a corporate company but would like to be a researcher and to pursue that I would like to do a Phd in the United States