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what is engineering in instrumentation ?

Hi,I am a grade 12th student,would like to pursue a career in engineering,few of my friends want to do instrumentation engineering.I would like to know what is all about? #engineering #instrumentation

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Simon’s Answer

My engineering career was in the chemical industry. So my response is geared to my situation. Instrument engineers design control system that run our chemical plants. This position has been filled by chemical, mechanical or electrical engineer with experience in chemical plant controls. Controls engineers design systems to control and manage our plants. Process engineers help determine what type to use. They determine the reliability needed and also back up safety systems. Instrument engineers also design "loop sheets", electrical distribution to power the instrument, and screen graphics could be part of the position. It is an exciting field that is changing very fast. A lot is learned with field experience under the supervision of a senior engineer. I hope this helps.