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What are the career prospects for Instrumentation and Control Engineering?

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2 answers

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Allen’s Answer

I am a Instrument Technician. Prospects are great for Instrument and Controls Engineers. Particularly in any process type environment I.E. Refineries, petrochemical plants, Pulp/paper mills etc. You will NOT be using a bunch of tools that's what technicians are for. Instrument engineers are few and far between compared to the other disciplines.

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Taylor’s Answer

Hey Neha!

I actually interned for one summer in Controls Engineering and Instrumentation. It requires work with heavy machinery and lots of grungy steel instruments. Working in the factory/manufacturing isn't for anyone but its quite cool to see all the pumps, pipes, and control valves. You'll have to wear steel toed boots and the work requires software programming as well as hardware.

I would look online to see what a day in the life of a Control Engineer is. Good luck!