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What career path suits me best... Because I'm confused about a social worker and taking the business route

I'm a 17 year old grade 11 learner.... I am originally from Malawi,but I've been living in South Africa for almost 10 years now.... Since I'm a foreigner l find it hard to choose a career path because l feel like l won't get excepted because of that #career-choice

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2 answers

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Simeon’s Answer

Speaking of your foreign background, I imagine that there are workers who are specialized in helping foreigners settle into your country. We have a lot of those social workers here in the states and I've done a lot of volunteer work around helping refugees get settled in. You would find that your background would be an advantage because you personally know what it is like to get settled into your country. Perhaps your experience might make this kind of work more fulfilling as well.

Thank you so much... That helped realize that I need to use that to my advantage Joyce C.

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Priyanka’s Answer

Hi Joyce,

If you think social work excite you then i advice you to join some NGO and find out if this is what you really wants and if you really enjoy each and every moment @work that's means you are on right track.

You do not need to leave your study or work to be a social worker . Start with doing some internship or join some NGO of your interest. When you really experience you will know what you really want in your life.

All the best Joyce!!

Thank you so much for the advice Joyce C.