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what are the best specialists in field of medicine for doctors?

i'm a junior in Lynn,MA. i'll be applying for college next year and i'm interested of being a doctor but i don't know what specialist i wanna be #doctor #medicine

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3 answers

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Gregory’s Answer

Choosing a specialty in the field of medicine is not necessary until you are in the last 2 years of medical school. Your pre-med or undergraduate degree will be very general, with no specific areas of medicine. You will go on hospital rotations in many areas of medicine in medical school before you will need to decide what area you would like to pursue. You should be prepared for a lot of hard work and studying, and not be worrying about a specialty at this time. You will need to be truly dedicated to become a doctor of medicine, so be patient and take care of yourself along the way. My son uses exercise to calm his mind and relieve the stress of studying/testing while pursuing a career as a medical doctor. He graduated from medical school and is currently in his second year of residency.

Thanks for the advice ramon M.

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Rahat’s Answer

Hi Ramon. Choosing a specialty comes during med school, and it is also subjective. Everyone will have different views on this. Med school will allow you to test out different fields of medicine through clinical rotation. This is where you will choose your specialty.

However, during undergrad, you will need to choose a major that will correlate with med school. The answer of "what major should I choose?" is also subjective. You can honestly pick any major, so long as you score high on the MCAT. However, it is wise to choose a science field that will prepare you for this field (e.g. biology). My sister was an English major at UCLA and now attends med school (first year, also at a UC school). So, there really isn't a straight answer to this. If you go the same route as my sister and choose a major that isn't science based, it is very important to look up the required classes you need to take to apply to med school. She took science classes as her secondary classes.

The best thing to do is to speak to a career counselor your first year of college. They will be able to provide the best route for you in your journey to med school. Once you get into med school, you will figure out what specialty is best for you.

Thank you very much ramon M.

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C. Isaac’s Answer

I am applying to medical school in a few months and I agree with the other answers. You don’t need to decide a specialty until you are in medical school.

One thing that I would add would be that you shadow different types of doctors! It’s something that I am currently doing and it’s a great way to see different specialties. Reach out to a doctor in your community and see if they are willing to let you shadow them.