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what is a good school for a engineering major

I want to major in engineering and a minor in mathematics so I want a school that can help me with that #college-majors #college

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3 answers

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Simeon’s Answer

I'd recommend A&M University here in Texas. They're known worldwide for their engineering program and they offer a wide diversity of engineering specializations as well as a robust alumni association and network. They're a public university, so it should be more affordable to boot. A lot of my friends graduated from there and were very pleased with their experience.

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Joelle’s Answer

Hi Marcos!

The best engineering school really depends on what field of engineering you are interested in pursuing. Different universities might have the best engineering program for a specific emphasis such as aerospace, electrical, or even computer science. For example, Stanford University has one of the best computer science programs in the country, so if you are interested in earning a CS degree this might be a school to look into.

As for a minor in mathematics, there are several wonderful schools with amazing mathematics programs. I would look into top engineering programs and see if these universities offer mathematics programs that are comparable to what you want. You can utilize websites like U.S. News that rank different universities and their programs as a baseline for where to start your research! It is important you do your own individual research to see what each school offers and how it compares to what you want.

I think you might be interested in the field of Engineering Mathematics, which applies mathematics in the analysis of engineering problems (a mixture of your two interests).

Overall, first, find out what field of engineering you are interested in then do some research on schools and check out if they offer an adequate mathematics program that you like! From there apply away!

Good luck!

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Kyle’s Answer

There are many sites that provide feedback to this question. The math minor is a great path, it will help you in your degree and you will be taking a lot of the courses already. As for the best school, it will depend on if you are looking for a specific cost, scholarships, distance from home, specific location, etc. MIT is among the best schools in the world for this discipline. Look for a school that fits what you want to do with your degree. You can also email a company you would like to work for and inquire about college paths taken by the head of the company. You can research the schooling for a lot of heads of companies. Colleges will also share alumni information on where their graduates wound up.