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how can i make a clothing brand grow?

Ive been working on a brand called $ilent$teppa... #small-business

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4 answers

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Dara’s Answer


Most communities have non-profit technical assistance organizations that are available at no charge to help start-ups and existing businesses that want to expand their market reach. You may have a program or organization where you live that would be willing to help you.

Dara recommends the following next steps:

If you want to let me know your location I may be able to help you get connected with a local program that can assist you.
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Heather’s Answer

Hi Isaish!
Great question. You can make a clothing brand grow by:
- Creating a marketing plan:
Define who is your target audience for the brand?
Really get to know them, their wants, needs, how much are they willing to pay for the clothing pieces you make? What colors so they love? Where are they shopping now for other clothes? etc. Who does this target consume media - are they on TikTok or do they watch cable TV, do they shop at Farmer's Markets or buy on Etsy. The more you know about your target market, the more you can define how you can meet their needs with your brand.

Once you know who you are targeting with your clothing brand, you can work to define other key questions for your marketing plan:
- How can I reach my target?
- Once I have caught their attention - what do they need to know to move from awareness to purchasing?
- When are they most likely to buy? (Seasonal, day of the week, time of day?)
- Where is this audience most likely to be that I can show up with my clothing brand?
- Why is my brand the right choice for this target?

- Defining and reinforcing your brand
Use your exploration of the target to define your brand. Let that exercise help guide you through a differentiation exploration (what makes your clothing brand different, more compelling for the target than the other options). Define if you are competing to win the mind-share on price, quality, trendiness, or other. Then apply all of this to your marketing. How do you show up online, on social and in-person to represent what your brand is?
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Ishita’s Answer

Hey Isaiah!

Growing a clothing brand can be tough, especially in the world we live in now. It feels saturated, but if you have niche or market need the world is never too small. I own my own Jewelry and Home Goods brand, and here are some things that have helped me:

- Develop your business plan. There are some great templates online, but this plan should outline what your goal is for your business, how you plan to to expand, marketing, etc. Identify the steps you'd have to take to get there.
-Identify your niche! Understand who your customer is, so you can use that information to develop your marketing strategy.
- Marketing Strategy: Identify your marketing channels. Right now, especially for clothing, social media is a really strong tool. Identify if you want to get into working influencers, local communities, doing markets to get brand recognition etc.

These are general bullet points (steps) but when figuring our your marketing strategy identify your niche and specific customer. Do research on what they look for when shopping, what type of things do they follow on social media, trends, etc. As you identify these things, you can start learning different social media algorithms, but also identify other outlets (in person, ambassadors, etc) on how they can help expand your brand recognition.

Also, when marketing, your price matters. Don't sell yourself short, as this impacts how the customers view your product. Be realistic and honest with your prices and the margins you need, but use those tools to see if your ideal customer can afford your product. Make sure you are inline and it can help increase your overall reach.

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Ned C. K.’s Answer

Hi Isaiah,

That's an exciting question and I've contemplated that question for myself. However, to best answer here concisely, when you ask about "growing" your brand do you mean increasing the quantity of clothing items with your brand as purchasable products, increasing the recognition of your brand amongst the populace, or some other form of growth?

To answer broadly, and not knowing where you are in this process, I'll share a few thoughts. Firstly, believe in your brand and focus on what that brand means to you. Emotionally connect. Reflecting on what your brand means to you will allow you to discover and concretely communicate to your target audience what $ilent $teppa is, means, and why people should join your mission of your brand. That brings up the next piece, which is, what is your mission? You should have an answer on hand for what your brand's mission is as it will come in handy in discussions with investors, building your website, advertisements, etc. In order to have a recognizable brand and one that attracts new customers you will need to have your message clearly and simply understood so that people can identify with it. If they don't identify with it they will not want it. Lastly, I'd recommend a visual to go along with your brand known as a logo. Take time to fuse your brand's meaning into a logo and be consistent when sharing your brand's identify.

I hope that helps you get started.