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What small business can i do ?

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7 answers

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Nilofar’s Answer

In addition to the aforementioned advice I would also recommend seeking out networks of small business owners. Most cities they will have a formal/informal gathering of people looking to start up their own business in various products/industries. this would be a great way to talk to likeminded peers and exchange information and experience.
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Bryan’s Answer

What are you good at?
What are you interested in?
Is there anything unique about you or your abilities that set you apart?
Do you know anyone that can jumpstart a business or career path that you can have mentor you?
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Al Fernando’s Answer

Hi Da-Lan, a few options may be:

- Dropshipping
- Freelancing (Fiverr etc)
- Selling your own product online
- Definitely a social media manager for small businesses
- Designing a social media campaign (project-based)

Key tip is to scout sites where people post wanted ads - reverse engineer - find your buyer/service and then design a chargeable product based on that

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Glen’s Answer

Think about what what you are good at and what you can help others with. I have an interest in software development so I thought myself how to code in HTML and other various web technologies. from there I was able to create websites for people while I was studying.

Glen recommends the following next steps:

To get started in coding try with w3 schools
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Stacy’s Answer

Find something you really enjoy doing and figure out how to turn it into something that delivers value to people. I personally know a young man who had started a lawn business when he was in middle school with a push mower he would haul down the street. By the time he graduated college he was hiring employees, had several trucks, trailers and professional equipment.

Stacy recommends the following next steps:

List all the things you're good at doing
Circle the things you think people would pay you to do
Figure out if you need to invest in any equipment. Start small and build as your business grows.
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Gary’s Answer

Hello, good there are so many ways to have a small business. I would think about what you like to do, what you are passionate about and then see if any of these ideas would be a good small business for you to consider starting. You can do an online business, start small, part time and then grow it into something full time that you do as your main source of income. good luck!
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Da-Lan’s Answer

If you have a marketable skill, definitely build upon that. For example, if you managed social media for you high school class, try and find local businesses that you can manage. Try to find small gigs to build your portfolio.