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what is the best thing about transportation,distribution and logistics

#transportation,distribution and logistics

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3 answers

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Brandon’s Answer

Hi Tony,
I worked in transportation and logistics as a truck driver. The best thing was getting to see how everyday items get from place to place. In addition to that, I got to visit almost every continental state in less than 2 years. While every job has its drawbacks, getting to see a new place and meet new people everyday was amazing.

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Emmy’s Answer

Hello Tony,

I think it is exciting to learn about different parts of the country or world. Working in logistics and transportation often will lead you to learn a little more about each of the places from where or to where you are organizing transportation. Requirements for importing and exporting are different for every country so you learn a lot about what is unique to each place. Additionally working in this field helps you to understand the overall supply chain better and can lead to other opportunities working in the supply chain.

Best wishes,
Emmy Leone

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Thomas’s Answer

I worked in logistics for a few years. I really enjoyed making and seeing things happen. ex. Loading a ship, watching a 1,000 follow a plan I created, and being able to see direct impact from my work. In many jobs today, you do not get to actually see the benefits of your work. Most jobs involve emailing or just working on computers.