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Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology

I am an Honours student in psychology and I want to know what is the difference between clinical and Counselling psychology. I am not sure which route I should take. #student

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Gabby’s Answer

Hi Tsholofelo,

Great question! I was also interested in psychology and I completed my undergraduate degree in Family Studies and Communication with my Masters degree in Community Counseling.

Both types of counseling overlap to a certain degree, but their specialties, focus areas and educational requirements can vary.

Clinical counseling focuses on a variety of clinical areas including behavioral and psychoanalytic theories and behaviors I, and heavily focuses on mental health and behaviors. In general, these types of roles are also found in more clinical settings such as hospitals, mental health centers, clinics and academic centers, but not always.

Counseling psychology focuses on similar theories and learning principles, but the focus tends to be more on human connection. The counselor usually works with individuals, families, couples on a variety of issues including social, emotional and physical challenges. This type of counseling can also be found in a academic setting or a private practice.

There is an abundance of information deciphering the two types of positions online. Good luck!

Gabby recommends the following next steps:

Continue to educate yourself, ask questions and do research into the type of counseling that most resonates with your goals.