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How do you know if college is for you?

I am planning to head to UCSC next year as a freshman in college but am only going for a safe route to a higher salary. I still do not know what I wanna do and I don't wanna waste this chance I have been given. college

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3 answers

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Haven’s Answer

At least for me, deciding on going to college was scary. I was a good student in high school, but I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep up the rigorous demands of college. I intended on going to community college so I could get done with school as quickly as possible and not worry about the financial hardships and academics while getting a degree in PTA (physical therapy assistant). However, I changed course and decided to attend a four year college and I believe it was the best choice for me. I believe going to college is important, and it is an experience everyone should go through. Through college I was exposed to new ideas and events that help me grow personally, find who I am, and put me on track on what I want to do. I'm sure if you do go to college, you'll find what you want to do, and if you don't it's not the end of the road. College isn't the only way to succeed in life, and I have friends who dropped out of college, or never went, but they had a plan on what they were going to do after. My best advice is this for anyone considering college: have a plan and goal in mind in place if you do or don't go to college, and realize it's not too late to go to college later if you change your mind. Everyone finds themselves at different points in their lives.
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Sara’s Answer

Thomas, Go to college if you have the opportunity. You will be more marketable, gain great experiences and relationships that will help you through life! With a degree, you will also find better paying jobs. I understand the hesitation but I promise that the hard work will pay off! You have two years of basic classes and will have time to get a better idea of a career path. If you still aren't sure when you have to start selecting a major, I would recommend business. You can always use a business degree no matter what you end up doing. Good luck & don't give up!
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Isabel’s Answer

When considering if college is for you, here's a list of things you might consider:
- Interests and goals in life and if they require a college degree
- Consider tech and trade schools to see if those paths interest you instead
- The additional experiences outside of your academic classes that you'll have access to
- Unique social opportunities (exposure beyond your hometown)
- The cost of attending college versus getting a job
- Scholarship opportunities can help reduce the cost