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What are good classes to major in college for someone who wants to play sports ?

I'm a person who is scared to get hurt in football and not have something for a back up plan just in case football doesn't work out . #sports

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2 answers

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Troy’s Answer

Having played baseball in college, I went the route of becoming a Communications major with an emphasis on Advertising. I absolutely enjoyed the classes I took that ranged from public speaking to Interpersonal communications, advertising, Intercultural communications, Media law, etc. It a good background to have and something that will increase your professional brand. Interestingly enough, I am working in the Communications field once I was done playing and graduated and I love it. I feel in love with learning how others communicate, networking and building meaningful relationships.

Think about the time commitment needed for some of these classes and try to figure out how you would be able to balance both school and sports. You have weight training at 6am, then study hall throughout the week. Factor in your practices, conditioning and traveling for offsite games and you have to be able to balance both. It's a fun ride!

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Arely’s Answer

Hi Heaven,
Having a back up plan is always very good, it will help you before, during and after football.
Some suggestions I have in mind are:
*Sports management or another business degree - If you wanted to be an entrepreneur or work in the offices for a sports team
*Journalism or communications - If you wanted to be a sports writer or broadcaster o podcaster
*Media arts - if you wanted to be a tv producer, camera operator, create your own content, etc
*Law - if you wanted to be a sports agent.

I hope these ideas help you to start a more extensive research!
All the best!,
Arely P. Moore