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What can i do to fulfil my dream job as an aerospace engineer?

I'm interested in math and science, especially physics and an aerospace engineer is something that combines those subjects that I love. So I just wanted to know how is it like as an aerospace engineer. #aerospace-engineering

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2 answers

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Rohit’s Answer

Aerospace engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering that normally deals with design , simulation and analysis of mechanical objects both inside and outside the atmosphere. (This is probably the most lucid definition i can come up with).

Now the question you need to ask yourself is about what really fascinates you. Is it space part or the engineering part?.

interesting enough, the best part about being young is that you can dive into the field and experiment.

I would suggest the following steps.

Rohit recommends the following next steps:

Try to fall in love with equations, Calculus , Math and Physics in general.
Get your basics right with (kinematics, dynamics, statics) for example :free body diagrams.
try to learn any programming language, i would suggest python (cause its free), but I learnt my coding on matlab and i loved it.
Most of all, Stop saying '' its common sense'' , always be result driven, facts matter.
finally summary , Math - Calculus, linear algebra , Statistics (some times) | Physics (maybe not as much quantum mechanics, but having a knowledge is not bad at all), | Programming languages
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Anup’s Answer

f you are interested in learning about missiles, satellites and aircrafts, then Aerospace engineering is exactly what you are looking for!! Despite being one the most challenging areas of engineering, it is also one of the most demanding and interesting career options.

Aerospace engineering involves development of new technology and design to manufacture flight vehicles such as aircrafts, missiles, space shuttles etc.

Aerospace engineering is further divided into two branches:

Aeronautical Engineering
Astronautical Engineering
These branches are different due to the different fields they specialise in:

Aeronautical Engineering specializes in aircrafts, missiles and helicopters. On the contrary, Astronautical Engineering includes space shuttles, rockets and space stations.

Apart from aviation and flying vehicles, you can use your knowledge in Aersospace engineering for other vehicles such as submarines, trucks, advanced robotics, computational simulations etc.

What does an Aerospace Engineer do?

From the basic level starting with designing, technology development, testing to construction and maintenance of commercial and military aircrafts and spacecrafts, everything is done by an Aerospace engineer.

Educational Qualification required to become an Aerospace engineer:

In order to become an Aerospace Engineer, you need to fulfill the falling eligibility criteria:

A graduation degree in B.E/B.Tech or a diploma in Aeronautics.
If you are in school now, then to be eligible for BE / B.Tech, you need to pass your 10+2 in with subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
Apart from these classes, knowledge of a student is tested in introductory labs to judge his/her grasp of the basic engineering principles used in flight and propulsion.

Further a student learns in depth about the aerodynamics of airplane bodies,electrical component and systems of the vehicle, fundamentals of flight and stability control and about wing structure and flaps.

Duration of the programme:

In case you are pursuing a degree course, it will take four years for its completion.
A diploma course is usually for a shorter span of time and will take a duration of 2-3 years for completion.

Skills Required to become an Aerospace engineer:

Some of the basic skills than an Aerospace engineer should have are as follows:

Problem-solving skills
Good analytical skills
Good mathematical skills
Design skills
Computer skills
Ability to work under pressure
Some other key points to keep in mind:

Must be physically fit
Have a great speed
A regular colour vision

ome of the job positions for Aerospace Engineers are:

Thermal Design Engineers
Mechanical Design Engineers
Aerospace Technologist
Aircraft Production Manager
Assistant Technical Officers
Aerospace Design Checker
Graduate Engineer Trainees