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What major(s) should be taken if one aspires to be a dermatologist?

I am interested in that field of study, and I want as much guidance as possible to be successful in that career.

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2 answers

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Arghya’s Answer

HI there, Hope this helps:-

Acceptance into a medical or osteopathic college is the next step to becoming a dermatologist. Formal classwork is similar for all med students, since it's considered too early to specialize. However, the American Academy of Dermatology has an online curriculum available for aspiring dermatologists who want to get a head start by learning about common dermatologic conditions and therapies. At graduation, students must find a place in a dermatologic residency, which includes a years' internship and then three years of supervised practice. At the end of residency, student doctors take their board exams in order to become certified dermatologists. Industry surveys report average salaries ranging from $316,770 to $440,092 for dermatologists.


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JD’s Answer

Remember, dermatology is a subspecialty of medicine. Eligibility for dermatology training requires a medical degree (i.e. medical school), internship/residency training, (3-4 years), usually in internal medicine, and then dermatology. As far as preparing for dermatology, the same preparation you take for medical school and a medicine residency applies. In medical school, you may have the opportunity to experience dermatology practice during clerkship/externship rotations. Mid-level health care providers, such a nurse practitioners and physician assistants, can also be involved in a subspecialty practice of dermatology.