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Duaa O. May 04, 2016 741 views

Doctors: What did you major in in college and why?

I am an aspiring Anesthesiologist and I would love to know more about the career path that I am going into. #doctor #career #medicine #science #biology...


Kira W.’s Avatar
Kira W. May 18, 2016 362 views

Is it better to pick a specified major when trying to travel in a Pre-Med track?

I am thinking of majoring in biology and possiblly going Pre-Med. #medicine #biology #healthcare #pre-med...


Dominique P.’s Avatar
Dominique P. May 18, 2016 557 views

What are the chances of not getting a job after completing a 4 year university and then medical school?

I'm scared that after all this hard work, money, and time that I am willing to put into my education may not pay off. Does this happen a lot? #doctor #medicine #biology...


Corban Y.’s Avatar
Corban Y. May 27, 2016 623 views

Should I pick a major (Biology) relating to medical school to prepare for Med School, or should I just enter Med School with any degree I want?

I've been to seminars where people have told me to be what I wanted to be, because schools actually like diversity instead of "typical science majors". The only question that they've never answered was if it had given them an easier time understanding difficult concepts in the medical field. I...

#health #pre-med #medicine #school

Kiera R.’s Avatar
Kiera R. Oct 22, 2016 845 views

Would it be useful to obtain an M.D. / Ph. D. degree as opposed to one or the other?

I would like to become some type of doctor (anesthesiologist, oncologist, pediatric neurologist) in the future. In addition to this, I also want to do research. I wish to get my M.D. And Ph. D. #college #medicine #graduate-school #research #doctorate-degree #medical-education #medical-research...


Shruthi B.’s Avatar
Shruthi B. Oct 23, 2016 593 views

Is it okay if I don't have a set idea on what I want to major in before I get into college? What disadvantages come with that?

Right now I'm a junior in high school and I'm quite concerned as I have not set my mind on a major for college yet. I do like medicine and would love to join it but I'm not sure if I love it enough for 10 years of medical school! I'm scared I'm going to get to college and then realize that I...

#college-major #medicine

Sindhu  M.’s Avatar
Sindhu M. Oct 24, 2016 395 views

If you were to complete medical school all over again, would you stay with the field you're in now or would you choose a different concentration?

I'm a high school student looking to go into neurology, and I wanted to know about the different options and pathways that exist in medical school. #doctor #medicine...


Donna Claire C.’s Avatar
Donna Claire C. Oct 26, 2016 510 views

What major(s) should be taken if one aspires to be a dermatologist?

I am interested in that field of study, and I want as much guidance as possible to be successful in that...

Pradyuth T.’s Avatar
Pradyuth T. Oct 29, 2016 569 views

Is a general biology degree worth it?

I was wondering if I should make my focus on general bio if I want to go to med school or if should go to microbiology or something along those lines #medicine #college-major...


Diljot S.’s Avatar
Diljot S. Feb 17, 2017 461 views

Does it matter which undergraduate university I go to for medical?

I want to become a surgeon, so do medical schools care about which undergraduate university you went to? And which program? #doctor #medicine...