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Do you need to have strong emotional discipline to work in a hospital?

I want to work in one but am afraid I will be affected by deaths. #doctor #hospital-and-health-care

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Hi Taylor, what a great question! Death is never easy to deal with and can certainly wear on a person if they are exposed to it day in and day out! The answer to your question is yes and no, sorry! You do not have to work in a hospital or service where death is prevalent. For example, Cancer Centers have many deaths, it takes a very emotionally strong person to work in the field of Oncology and/or in a cancer center. On the flip side you could work in pediatrics or Ob/GYN where there are few deaths in comparison. You could also work in an ambulatory surgery center instead of a hospital. Smaller, low risk surgery is performed in these centers so the risk of death is very, very small. I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck!
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You should be affected by death, that's what makes you a compassionate provider. You learn how to deal with it over time.
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I am not from medical area, but I have people from my family and friends working in surgery. They all are normal people with their problems and families. They all deal with death, and as we all know death is part of the life. Most important thing is to do our job as best as we can, then we know we have done everything we could. I have just discussed this same topic with one of them yesterday, and he told me the same - he is affected by death, but as he does his job as a doctor at 100% (and over), he has to take it as part of the life with all the respect.
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That is not easy to face life and death everyday , if you are a Chinese clinic doctors, face 80-100 visits per day, didn't even have time to drink water or eat, your face is the patient impatience at the same time, the pain, but the doctor's job requirements, to tell you, you have to be serious, rigorous, can't go wrong, because your job is about the patient's life safety, you really need a big heart
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