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How do you build connections for a career when you graduate college?

I want to make sure I have a job following college graduation. I hope to have job security when I complete college education. #college #career #job

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4 answers

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Doug’s Answer

The best advice I can give is to take advantage of internship opportunities. I went to a college that offered a Co-op program, which is like an extended internship, and it prepared me very well for the real world. Don't be afraid to take risks with the type of work and internships you take on - every experience will teach you something, and create networking connections that you can draw upon later, even if you don't end up working fulltime for any of those companies after you graduate. Keep an open mind, don't worry about getting the "perfect" internship - just do something that gives you real-world work experience while you are in college. Life unfolds in mysterious ways, so the more diverse career experiences you can have during your college years, the better prepared you will be when the next opportunity comes along.

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Sonya’s Answer


A good way to build connections is to find out if there are any clubs related to your field that you can join and actively participate in while you are still in college. Another option is to find out if there are any mentors available in your field who would be willing to take you on as a mentee. Put the word out there to anyone you meet such as a career counselor at your school that you are interested in participating in this type of interaction so you can pick up a few tips. Attend any open houses that may come up for businesses in your field and make a personal contact business card that you can hand out at these events so they can get ahold of you. Let everyone know of your willingness to participate in any activities related to your field so you can interact as a beginner and they will remember you when the time comes to hire someone.

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Cecília Iacoponi’s Answer

Initially, I want to tell you that the friendships that you have done in college are already your beginning of connections.

Sometimes we do not realize that a classmate may be a future partner or an important partner.

If you have already finished college and did not make these connections, it would be good to take them back to see what each one is doing at the moment.

In addition to attending events, lectures, workshops always boosts the knowledge of people. In this case, you should organize a personal card with your name and your line of work and introduce yourself to the people with the intention of making the connections.

The important thing is to exchange business cards, as we call them, and know a little of what people do and offer what you do best. This is a good way to start a brilliant career.

Do not miss opportunities. Always carry your business card in your wallet, you will never know where the opportunity of your life is or what people can leverage it. Do not discard any opportunity.#career#oportunity#businesscards#partners#

Cecília Iacoponi recommends the following next steps:

Organize your business card
Do not miss events like lectures, workshops, etc
Be alert everywhere - the opportunity could be in a simple family reunion
Have confident in your training

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Tiffany P.’s Answer

Be open! Most times than not, your career ambitions will change over time after graduation. So even if you get a job that's not in your desired field, you can still meet people and be exposed to different opportunities while there.

In regards to a job, I would connect with groups on LinkedIn that interest you--whether they are companies or the field that you are majoring in. If you have a summer job, stay in contact with your supervisor and colleagues so the door is open for you to possibly return for a full-time position.

The fact that you are looking into this now speaks volumes! I just know you won't have a problem finding a position upon graduation!

All the best to you!