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Tiffanie L. Jul 07, 2016 586 views

Comparing Ivy League colleges to regular colleges

What are the greater benefits of going to an ivy league college vs. a standard college? How can Ivy leagues give you a better future? #college #career...


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Anna H. Jul 13, 2016 1787 views

Does having a boss bother you?

A lot of people don't like to be told what to do, while others appreciate some direction from others. I'm interested to know what people think #computer-software #teaching #law-enforcement...


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Tiffanie L. Jul 14, 2016 721 views

Is how happy you are related to how successful you are?

If you think you are happy, are you also successful? haha i don't really know what to say. I guess in my opinion I believe this isn't true because you can be happy without being successful, just content. #career #success...


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Michael N. Oct 19, 2016 593 views

What are some great resources in order for me to learn programming?

I am very interested in developing software and computer codes. It's very difficult for me to find out where to start. #computer-science #computer-software #computer...


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avery R. Oct 21, 2016 521 views

What was the most helpful part of high school or college that helped you transition into your career?

How was your experience from school going to work? How did you get the career and was it rough or hard making this transition?...


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Nicolas W. Oct 29, 2016 463 views

How do you build connections for a career when you graduate college?

I want to make sure I have a job following college graduation. I hope to have job security when I complete college education. #college #career...


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Rachel B. Feb 03, 2017 557 views