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What are some great resources in order for me to learn programming?

I am very interested in developing software and computer codes. It's very difficult for me to find out where to start. #computer-science #computer-software #computer #computer-programming

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4 answers

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Doug’s Answer

A great place to start is

It's free, and also benefits nonprofit organizations. Win-win!

I agree. Good tutorial and good experience. Sonya Bible

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Joanne’s Answer

This may sound crazy, but you can start with something simple.

My local library has a creativity studio in which you can write code to manipulate electrical circuits. (the language looks like perl ... but I'm not sure offhand).

If you can get your hands on a cheap android tablet, you can download that OS and write code for practice.

If you're a PC kind of person, you can get into visual basic to really max out the effectiveness of the Microsoft programs (word, excel).

If you're a data kind of person, there are databases galore you can play with and learn to code against. (Offhand a python/MySQL combination is always nice).

.. and finally . YouTube is a really good resource for some programming.

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Henry’s Answer

I started to learn by getting a book of C and a computer with an IDE for coding. (I used Dev-C++ at that time.) i just go thru the examples one by one and code them out myself.

Now, many stuff should be online, but i think the method will still work. You can just replace the book with one of the website above. I said one because I think that will make you focus more.

After you get confident with your ability, you can try to do some small projects (maybe by getting some jobs writing simple code.) This method works for me well. I hope you enjoy your learning.

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Moe’s Answer

Hi - there are some great online resources that are easy to get to and free or low-cost:

http://www.coursera.org/ - courses from many institutions around the world