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How to stay interested in something you like?

I really enjoy collecting books but I'm scared that one day i'll loose interest. books

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3 answers

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Cindy’s Answer

To keep your interest alive, you might want to consider joining a club or creating a club to discuss what you find enjoyable about the books. You can do swap parties too, where you swap books that are interesting to you and other people. I think to stay interested in something you just must make time for it. I enjoy reading and make time for it throughout my day. However, when work gets busy, I don't read as much. That's okay. Because when work slows down, my hobby will still be there. I used to read only certain types of books and over the years, I've expanded into different types. I'd expect that's another way for you to keep your collection going. Finding new books to collect and through that interest, you'll keep at it year-over-year. I think the biggest challenge you must overcome is the space to keep all your books. That became my problem, holding on to the books meant cleaning them and having space for them. I still keep many hard copy books, but with my Kindle, space isn't a problem any longer. Good luck on your hobby!
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Andreas’s Answer

Hey Arianna,

Agreed with Tracy here.

Some hobbies may stay forever and others might change overtime (kind of like your favorite foods). Don't be afraid of losing interest, because that might just mean you found something you are more passionate about in life, and that is a good thing.

However I would encourage you to see what it is about books that you truly enjoy, is it the ability to enter a new world? Is it the creation of a great story that captures you? You might be able to find another hobby as an author, writer, illustrator or more if you can understand what it is about your hobbies that you really like.
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Tracy’s Answer

Hi Arianna!

No need to be afraid of loosing interest in a collection or a hobby; if it no longer brings you pleasure step away from collecting for a few months and revisit later in the year. Sometimes we out grow our hobbies and develop newer interests that better feeds our souls. In the meantime, hold on to your books or lend them to your friends and neighbors to enjoy.