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As a computer scientist, where are the most popular areas of the world to work?

I'm not sure where I want to live when I grow up and knowing where my career takes place could help. #bachelors-degree

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2 answers

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Sam’s Answer

Within the US, I'd say that many major metropolitan areas have many opportunities; while San Francisco/San Jose are commonly understood to be Computer Science/Software Engineering hubs, I've worked in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market as well as the greater Seattle area. There are opportunities all over the US and world-wide. I'd expect there to be many job opportunities in other developed countries, and I think that you can expect to find interesting opportunities everywhere.

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Bala’s Answer

As a Computer scientist figure out your area of interest , you can be a software developer , DEVOPS , Automation and Quality expert , customer support , Information security, Data Science , Artificial Intelligence , Machine learning , data mining , Cloud and Infrastructure management, System administration.

Figure you what interest you most and start moving in that direction.

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