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i want to choose my career but my family don't support me. i want to do FD nd they want me to go any nearby college but there is no nearby college which have FD nd now i have to obay them nd go any nearby college so i decided to take ID coures but now i am not sure that what i have did is right or wrong

i am a student i love to enjoy my life becasue this time will never come again so live ur life as u want but i just think that i alway do what my family wants maybe some times i fell sad but they fell happy. for me family first student career

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3 answers

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Bradley’s Answer

You are the one that is in control of your future. Pursue a career in something that you LOVE. If you Love what you do, its not the same of just going into a career and hate what you do. You have to focus on what you WANT!
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Rahul’s Answer

Kindly ensure that the statements that you make do not include abbreviations which might not be clear to everyone involved. There needs to be more clarity about your desire to enjoy life. Are you sure that you understand that building a career in any discipline requires a certain amount of dedication and may involve allegiance to a certain set of responsibilities? The fact that you aspire to live life on your own terms does not have to interfere with your career necesarily. Do not secede to anything illogical in the garb of guidance. You also need to achieve whatever that you aspire to in a legitimate manner.
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R’s Answer

Remember you're the one who has to get the degree. FD was your priority, obviously you must be passionate about it so you would have enjoyed learning it more.

Now that you've taken ID and if you can't or don't want to change your decision of going back to FD then i think you should give it some time and see if you'll gain interest in it or not. If it doesn't work out for you then you know what you have to do.

thanks i think i should enjoy ID becuse i have no way to go for FD raveenaraaj R.