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Jntu integrated vs vit integrated datascience vellore... which one is better?

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Vignesh’s Answer

VIT University Vellore is offering 'M. Tech. Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in Data Science' - a 5 year Integrated course.
But I'm not very sure JNTU-H is offering Integrated Data Science course but they offer 4 year Regular B.Tech Data Science program.
If you compare the institutions, both are reputed and Accredited BY NAAC with 'A' GRADE.
JNTU is a Government institution run by state of Telangana whereas VIT is a private institution at the same time a well reputed, top ranked Deemed to a University located in the state of Tamilnadu.
Choosing VIT would be costlier in terms of Fee, admissions etc., but exposure would be great comparing JNTU-H since Data Science is a new specialization to B.Tech/M.Tech.
If you decide not to spend much, choose JNTU-H if you're fine with 4 year B.Tech course at Government fee with more scholorship options.

Thank you so much sir. Manisha J.