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What made you choose the career you are in?

I am a junior in high school looking get career ready. #career

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5 answers

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Julie’s Answer

I just happened to tumble into my "career" and to be quite honest, I'm still not sure if this is what I want to do or not!
My biggest advice to you, that I wish someone in school would have told me, is find something you like to do and can see yourself doing for awhile. And when you think of something that it is that you really like to do, look outside the box for a career in it.
For example, music. I never thought about music outside of being a songwriter/singer. But if you look outside of that box, there are people who do soundtracks for movies and TV. There are scores of music selected for Broadway. There are people who make music for children. There are the producers/directors for music.
A friend of mine works for a food distributor that places their products in grocery stores. She basically travels all over the country to make sure this food distributor's products are on display the correct way, in the correct aisle, in grocery stores. There's a whole process that goes with stocking shelves in grocery stores that goes above the grocery store shelf stocker. I never had a clue about jobs like that.
The trades, electricians, HVAC, roofing, carpentry, etc....are all in high demand and will be in years to come. If you like building and fixing things, look into a career in the trades.
If you like trading stocks, and investing, look to an investment company for a career.
If you like travelling, become a bi or tri-linguist. Work in the hotel industry in the backend of the day-to-day activities. Become a corporate travel arranger.
There are so many career options that are above and beyond your typical engineer, doctor, lawyer, etc....The trick is to find something you really enjoy and make it work.
Good Luck!

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Ishita’s Answer

When it came to my current career, I would say it was as a result of trial and error. I started college thinking I'd be doctor, then in the middle I decided to switch to a more business centered role. I fell in love with Supply Chain, and even got my feet wet in the industry. When I switched companies I became a business analyst and realized I loved this even more. Within my company I have switched roles and tried things, but more so similar roles as when I first joined. But, while working my corporate job, I decided to pursue entrepreneurship and start my own company!

But the thing is, in each of these jumps I used skills that I was developing in my then current role to jump onto the next. What I loved about supply chain was the focus on process organization. I used my love for that aspect of the business and applied into my other operational roles as I moved from back end sales operations to strategy and planning. What I have been learning here, I am applying to my business! It's completely normal to switch and try new things! I used my switches as building blocks to continue to further my career versus starting from scratch, but making a switch isn't a negative thing. It's a way we learn, grow and identify what we are truly good at and love doing.

Currently, I love my role because it's a good mix of peoples and numbers, which I didn't get before! It plays to my strengths, but it also constantly challenges me. Is this the final stop for me? Nope! I plan on continuing to learn, switch and grow, because there is so much out there. As for career, the people around you also impact the job. You might not hate the career, but not love the people you work with. That can also impact whether you like what you are doing. So be open to change and testing out new things, it'll help you figure out what you want to do in that moment!

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Laura’s Answer

Hi Anna,

That's a great question! I kind of fell into my career right after I graduated college. I started as an Administrative Assistant/HR Recruiter for a small event organization. I never even knew that this was a career before starting it. I realized I loved interacting with people and talking to them about their career interests. Now I am a Corporate Recruiter for a tech company and I know I made the right decision with my first role because it led me to where I am today :) I wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect role!

Thank you,


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Becky’s Answer

Honestly, trial and error helped me choose the career I'm in. I volunteered and worked in customer-facing roles to earn some money while in school and realized I loved working with people. I was fortunate to have short term assignments where I could explore other parts of a company to find what I enjoyed and what I didn't enjoy doing. I found myself loving the tech space and working to resolve consumer issues and that's what I'm doing now! Keep your mind open to any opportunity that comes your way. Good luck with your journey!

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Amber’s Answer

Early career I took a lot of skill and behavioral based testing to find a good career fit as an entry point. As time evolves you find that the relationships you make/timing/engagement and opportunity can re-direct your goals (right place, right time).