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What kind of education do you need to become and electrician

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2 answers

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Gregory’s Answer

Hi Michael, before answering the question "what type of education would one need to become an electrician" allow me to first propose and address the question "what type of person becomes an electrician?"

An electrician must have an attention to detail. Not to have one could be very dangerous working around electrical circuitry. An electrician needs to have an organized mind and patience. Not to have these would cause one to launch into assignments without a plan, and it takes patience to discipline yourself to sit down and develop a plan. Planning skills are very important for an electrician. Imagine building out a house with electric and not planning the wiring layout to minimize the number of electric lines coursing through the walls. Imagine building out a house without considering where the electric enters the house or where the high voltage appliances will be located.

The two best ways to become an electrician would be to either attend a Technical Institution that offers certification in electrical applications or go to the IBEW Union Hall in your area and ask them how to get an internship with a licensed electrician.

Hope this helps.
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T.’s Answer

To turn into an authorized circuit repairman you'll have to finish a Certificate III in Electro technology. There is a scope of circuit repairman seminars on offer with TAFE NSW, however with no conventional passage necessities, the Cert III is generally reasonable for somebody simply beginning