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How do I become a Doctor? Any Advice?

I've always wanted to be a Doctor but don't know how to get there. Any Advice? doctor

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2 answers

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Rory’s Answer

The above comment is a good overview. I'd add a couple things. #1) I don't think you have to major in sciences. Many schools actually like a candidate who has majored in something other than biology or chemistry as they see so many of those applicants. Major in something you like and that could also be useful should you not gain entry to medical school. Good GPA in college and doing well on the MCAT test won't necessarily get you into a school, but poor marks in either will keep you out. Med schools like candidates who have also demonstrated volunteer efforts, have some shadowing experience or have worked in some kind of medical field. Some schools even want to see that you've completed at least a year of language training. Once you get in college and closer to applying, you can get more information about what requirements schools have that you are interested in attending.

One mistake I see people make is applying to too few schools. While it is expensy, you should be willing to go anywhere in the country, so apply broadly.

Once in med school, there are more grades and standardized exams that you may have to do really well on depending on your desired specialty (high scores required for things like dermatology, Opthalmology, orthopedic surgery, and others). Another round of applications and then you do residency, which is kind of like an apprenticeship and school at the same time. Once residency is finished, many choose to do additional subspecialty training called fellowship. Once training is complete, there are standardized exams for each specialty.
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Nylah’s Answer

Hey Andy, there are quite a few steps you have to take to become a doctor. There are many different types of doctors you can become and each type has its own requirements. In general, it helps to maintain good grades in high school and take some extra AP science classes. After, you must obtain a bachelor's degree. It is helpful to major in pre-medicine or biology, but it is not a must. Different medical programs require that you take certain courses to be accepted into their medical program. You must then study for and pass the Medical College Admission Test. After that, you apply to the medical schools of your choice. You then train at your medical school and must pass the medical school exam. After, you apply to different hospitals for your residency that you must complete. Once you earn your board certifications and get a state license, you can apply for a job. These are a lot of steps, but we want our doctors to go through all of this training. Good luck!