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What is it like on the interstate as a cab or truck driver?

I have autism.
I'm 18 years old.

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1 answer

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Alejandra’s Answer

Hi Hope,

This is a great question! My uncle was a truck driver and I took a ride with him in his truck from Chicago to San Diego. On the road, it's very quiet and you can listen to music while you drive. When you stop at a truck stop, there is usually somewhere to eat, a place to shower where they call your number when your shower is available, and a store to buy some items like souvenirs and snacks.

The best part (if you're lucky) is that the back part of the truck behind the driver is a little bed where you can sleep when your resting at stops! I loved driving across the country, I found it very comfortable and relaxing, and you get paid super well.

I think this would be a great career for someone that likes to stay up late, likes to listen to music, and doesn't mind being on their own for long periods of time.

Best of luck in picking a future career!