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Samantha J.’s Avatar
Samantha J. Jan 16, 2018 354 views

Should I practice as a Neurologist before I go into Neurobio research?

I've talked to multiple professionals and some say its required and others say if you want to do both always start at research. So I'm confused. Because it would change the type of education I need. research neuroscience science...


Kathryn T.’s Avatar
Kathryn T. May 10, 2018 411 views

What is the best/worst part of being a neuroscientist?

I'm planning to major in neuroscience, and I'm curious what people think the best part of being a neuroscientist is. However, I am also curious what people think the worst part is, because nothing is perfect. There are always bits people don't like - for anything, not just neuroscience - and...


Kathryn T.’s Avatar
Kathryn T. May 10, 2018 419 views

What is something you wish you knew going into a neuroscience or psychology program?

I plan to major in neuroscience, and I want to be as prepared for it as I can be. I have been warned that it is a very challenging major and will require a lot of work. That being said, I want to know if there's anything else I should be aware of going into it. neuroscience...


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kaiden A. Mar 18 159 views
Aman C.’s Avatar
Aman C. May 23 368 views

I want interview tips

My self Aman chouhan, I am pursuing BBA in Sage University, Indore. My hobbies are learning new things. interviews college career hiring...


Maya O.’s Avatar
Maya O. Jun 08 111 views

How can I become involved in the field of behavioral neuroscience as a high school student?

As a high school student, I have heard that colleges are looking to see that you are taking interest in a field of study. neuroscience science volunteer highschool...


Kendall B.’s Avatar
Kendall B. Jun 08 105 views

Career resources

What are some good free resources to discover what career path you may want to pursue? career-path college...


Shuk Man H.’s Avatar
Shuk Man H. Sep 15 85 views

How can I find what career I am interested in?

I don't know I want to do in the future so I am asking this question....


Joseph K.’s Avatar
Joseph K. Sep 21 50 views

Should I start saving for medical school

I am a junior in high school and when I graduate I want to go into the medical field...