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San Francisco, California
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I want to be a software engineer, at a well known but not insanely well known like Google. Maybe Safeway, or Adobe. More specifically: anyone who deals with chaos theory in day to day work. Weather simulations are one of the coolest things to me, or other things like behavior and such.

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Myles Apr 16, 2022 357 views

What makes a good team in software development?

More specifically, what are some good qualities that you have noticed from team members that get a good team going? Humor, flow, just anything in general that you have noticed help bring a team together to be more enjoyable & productive, specifically in computer science.

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Myles Apr 16, 2022 331 views

How much math does someone use daily in software engineering?

Some people say it's good to learn calculus for computer science, but why is that so? How much math is used in a day?

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Myles Oct 09, 2021 240 views

What are some red flags from employers?

If I ever seriously get into computer science engineering, (which I hope I'll do) I'd like to know what to look out for. So, based on personal experiences, what are some of the biggest red flags to look out for with an employer, and what do they mean? Thanks so much for your time. #career...

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Myles Sep 14, 2021 259 views

What languages are most common in game developing, opposed to computer engineering in a corporate setting, if there is a difference?

I'm a student learning Java in a high school class, and have also learned python between experimenting by myself and at a summer camp. I want to know what languages, if any, I should be focusing on or if I should just try and learn as much as possible. #computer-software #programming