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What can I do before I go to uni study Marketing? what can I do while I am in school?

I am currently studying year 14 in the UK and I want to study Marketing in university marketing .

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4 answers

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Alejandra’s Answer

Hi Yasmine!

This is a great question. I strongly recommend you either find an internship or start reaching out to people and look for a marketing mentor. There are so many different jobs you can have in marketing and now is the time to start exploring the industry, making connections, and speaking to people about what sort of experience you should get before you finish. This can also set the foundation for what internships you seek when you're about to graduate and can cue you up for a future job.

I also recommend reading/watching all you can online about different marketing jobs, different industries, and different cities that specialize in marketing. This will help you get a feel for where the industry is current at and will help you better plan your future as you decide on classes, internships, and future careers.

Lastly, I recommend checking out people's LinkedIn that you look up to. For example, I really am fascinated by John Wexler's carer path so I made sure to look at his LinkedIn and study his career path so that I can also mirror the things he has done that got him to where he is at.

I hope that's helpful and good luck!
Thank you Alejandra! This was something that I was trying to figure out and helped me so much! Yasmine M.
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Lauren’s Answer

For more general experience, consider local non-profits to volunteer with. As you’re in the UK a recommendation would be an enrichment programme such as the Duke of Edinburgh award that includes a certain amount of hours of volunteering and gives you a certification at the end. For marketing specifically, if your school offers work experience then request a placement within Marketing specifically. Alternatively, approach local businesses in the Marketing industry for internships/work experience during the school holidays. This can also be done for locations that are not local due to remote working!
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Clarissa’s Answer

This is a very good question. I would recommend the followings:
1. Read marketing books to gain basic concept of marketing. You can probably look up books by Philip Kotler. He is known as the Father of Marketing.
2. Attend online marketing courses. Nowadays, Digital Marketing is quite hot. This may be something to explore.
3. Speak to your seniors that are studying Marketing in the University to get their views on what is Marketing and what do they like about the subject.
4. I am not sure if you are of age to work during your school breaks. If yes, you may wish to consider taking a part-time job in retail or online sales platforms to get first hand experience in sales or marketing, and understand consumer behaviour.
All the best!
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Carrie’s Answer

Good advice above. To offer another idea - you can look for volunteer opportunities in your local community or city that involve marketing. Often there are organizations looking for people to help organize or promote events and fundraisers. The skills you would develop in something like that could help you in a marketing career.