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What companies offer a job in marketing around the world or specifically in the UK (Northern Ireland)

I am a student interested in studying marketing, however, i would like to know what companies offer a job in this sector. This could be for the future or it could be for a work experience. marketing business career business-management

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3 answers

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Will’s Answer

Hi Yasmine,

Here's a site covering topics like Pay, Job Details, Skills, Job Listings, and Employers in UK.

You can find some popular employers by clicking the "Employers" tab on top when the link opens.

Hope that helps and good luck🤞!
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Alejandra’s Answer

Hi Yasmine!

Lots of marketing companies are worldwide, like WPP, and most American companies also have a branch in UK. I recommend looking up the top 5 marketing corporations in the world and checking the agencies that exist under them. (WPP is one of them)

Secondly, now that the pandemic has occurred.. a lot (not all) marketing agencies are changing the way they think about employees and where they should be located. Working remotely for a company has big perks (like you can live wherever you want, you self-manage your work, etc.) and it wouldn't be a bad idea to explore international agencies that have remote positions!

Since you are a student, I do recommend trying to get an internship at these bigger agencies in person because a lot of what makes an intern attractive is personality and how they mesh with the company. Anyone can be taught something, but agency/marketing is a lot about what your personality or connections can bring to the table above your work.

I hope that's helpful and good luck!

Thank you Alejandra! I always find your answers very helpful! Thank you Yasmine M.

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Chris’s Answer

Distribution companies (those who get the products to the stores...think Sysco or Southern Glazers Wine & Spirts) have many marketing roles within their industries. This would include graphic design, webpage design, social media management, promoting brands, etc.

Chris recommends the following next steps:

Have a background/education in design
Research local companies that distribute brands (who delivers product to Kroger Grocery or Walmart)
Research the brands they distribute (Ex: what do you know about Patron Tequila)
Apply to companies that align with your experience/education